SIPAC Organizes Groundbreaking Seminar on Compliance for Chinese Companies Going Global

Shanghai, June 8, 2024 – The “Chinese Enterprises Going Global: Breaking Through Compliance Hurdles” seminar was successfully held today at the China Financial Information Center in Shanghai. Organized by SIPAC, the event brought together Chinese and international experts to provide in-depth analysis on the current challenges faced by Chinese companies expanding overseas operations.

By examining the international landscape through diverse national perspectives and taking a comprehensive, elevated viewpoint, the seminar explored potential solutions to overcome obstacles in the globalization journey of Chinese enterprises. 

Opening Remarks

Xiong Chenyao, Executive Vice President of the Shanghai Corporate Legal Advisors Association, Secretary-General of the Rule of Law Commission of the Shanghai Industrial Economics and Economic Association, and Director of the Shanghai SME Legal Service Center, highlighted the difficulties Chinese companies encounter when going global. He emphasized the importance of compliance, stating that in addition to monitoring economic market changes, Chinese enterprises must also continuously adhere to policy requirements in various countries. Overseas compliance is an essential course for companies venturing abroad. In addressing conflicts, we must maintain a direct and resolute attitude, as conflicts are the stepping stones to our upward progress. Mr. Xiong expressed hope that this event would facilitate exchange and enhance domestic compliance expertise by integrating domestic and international policies, injecting new energy into Chinese enterprises’ global expansion.

Keynote Speeches

Sen Gao, Partner at the German law firm HEUKING and a practicing lawyer in Germany, delivered a keynote speech titled “The Latest Implementation of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LKSG) and Its Impact on Chinese Exporters.” Using the Supply Chain Act as a typical example, Gao elucidated the necessity for domestic companies seeking overseas markets to pay attention to foreign policies. He cited specific German policy provisions for Chinese companies and, combining relevant domestic and international laws and regulations, leveraged his extensive practical experience and professional expertise to help Chinese enterprises overcome legal hurdles in their globalization efforts.

Benjamin YIN, Partner at JunHe, focused on the theme “Development Trends and Risks of Chinese White-Collar Criminal Liability.” He provided a detailed analysis of the evolving criminal liability landscape for Chinese white-collar professionals and compared it with criminal liability regimes in other jurisdictions. Benjamin introduced various criminal legal risks faced by companies going global, such as data security, national security, and international trade, showcasing his professional legal expertise and extensive experience in legal services.

Robert Lewis, Chairman of SIPAC, delivered a keynote speech titled “How may US election impact compliance risks for Chinese companies?” Mr. Lewis provided an in-depth analysis of how the US elections may influence Sino-US relations and the commercial policies of the two countries. Drawing from his extensive practical experience, he offered legal strategies for companies expanding overseas to mitigate relevant operational risks. Adopting an international perspective and examining the broader bilateral relationship between China and the US, Mr. Lewis aimed to guide and safeguard Chinese enterprises in their global endeavors.

Through this impactful seminar, SIPAC demonstrated its unwavering commitment to empowering Chinese enterprises with the knowledge, resources, and support necessary to navigate the intricate world of international compliance successfully. By fostering dialogue, exchanging best practices, and facilitating collaboration between industry leaders and legal professionals, SIPAC continues to pave the way for Chinese companies to thrive on the global stage while adhering to the highest standards of compliance.

About SIPAC:

SIPAC was formally launched in March of 2023 and held its inaugural Sino-International Law Forum in Shanghai in November 2023, attended by nearly 250 leading lawyers from around the world and across China, including more than 40 foreign lawyers from leading independent law firms covering more than 50 jurisdictions around the world, nearly 100 senior in-house legal and compliance professionals from leading Chinese companies, and more than 100 lawyers from leading Red Circle law firms as well as lawyers included on the Ministry of Justice’s list of top 1000 cross-border lawyers in China.  Given the unique nature of the event, attendance at the upcoming 2024 Sino International Law Forum, to be held in Shanghai on 14-15 November, is expected to increase as much as two-fold.

SIPAC and its comprehensive ecosystem of channel partners, including key quasi-governmental in-house counsel associations and leading outbound investment think tanks, legal know-how publishers and legal training platforms, are uniquely positioned to help promote the development of China’s international legal infrastructure, a key initiative promulgated at all levels of the Chinese government.  As such, SIPAC is designed to address the entire China legal services market, including all in-house lawyers responsible for international legal affairs as well as lawyers in Chinese law firms engaged in cross-border legal matters on behalf of their Chinese clients.

SIPAC members currently include Tilleke & Gibbins, Al Tamimi & Company, Schellenberg Wittmer, HEUKING, ENS, Anderson Mori & Tomotsune, Marval O’Farrell Mairal, Moroğlu Arseven, Cruz Marcelo & Tenefrancia, Waselius, Carey, GZG, Soemadipradja & Taher, Peters & Peters, BUREN, and Lakatos, Köves and Partners, with numerous additional leading independent law firms expected to join as members and delegates at this year’s second annual Sino International Law Forum

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